Wildrosers come forward with money issues raised months ago

Posted by Randy Kerr on August 26, 2017

UCP members deserve answers on this. How can someone lead a province if they can not lead a caucus?

1. Why did Brian Jean as Leader of the Wildrose never once fully inform caucus as to how money was being spent and present a caucus budget? Why the secrecy?

2. Why were over 11 new Wildrose Caucus staff hired or assigned new roles starting in December of 2016 when it became clear Unity would occur?

3. Why did Brian Jean use caucus funds to self promote during Unity discussions?

This issue makes all Conservatives look bad, the reality is the buck has to stop with the leader. Leadership is about taking responsibility. How can Brian Jean manage the Provincial finances if he is unable to manage a caucus budget.

There are several staff who will now likely find themselves without work due to this mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. Poor leadership decisions like this have real effects on people's lives.

We need leadership that takes responsibility, leadership that is open and transparent, and most important a leader that can be trusted.


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