Natural Gas

Alberta is blessed with decades of natural gas reserves. Unfortunately, it is likely to be trapped in Alberta because of years of regulatory gridlock.  Today, United Conservative Party Leadership candidate Jeff Callaway announced that it is time to capitalize on this abundant clean green resource. He believes it should be used more for transportation, electricity production, and petrochemicals. 


Why natural gas?

  1. We are in danger of being pushed out of the market and having no one to sell to – where the U.S. used to be a major buyer of Alberta natural gas, they now export just as much as the import.  Liquid natural gas plants are probably a decade away from operation, if that.  We need to think about how we as Albertans can capitalize on this situation.
  2. Albertans want a clean environment – natural gas is 30 per cent cleaner than diesel, cheaper than gasoline, can eliminate most, if not all particulates, NOX, and SOX emissions.
  3. The use of natural gas for power production reduces emissions relative to coal and the distribution infrastructure is already in place, and we already have the transmission lines – natural gas pipelines.
  4. Wind and solar power needs to be backed up by existing facilities – instead of subsidizing an unreliable power grid, we need to shift our focus to a reliable natural gas powered future.
  5. Natural gas is abundant – we have decades of reserves, and Alberta’s talent base is world leading in Alberta.

Capitalizing on our abundant green resource of natural gas is a win-win-win situation for Alberta. It will lead to more jobs, from the field to the office tower, a stronger economy and result in a cleaner, greener economy.

It’s time to Energize Alberta, and together we can do it!     


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Randy Kerr