I view this next election as a turning point in Alberta’s history.  Do we want a Province governed by the NDP for another term that will allow them to cement their agenda?  Do we want a Leader that doesn’t have the experience with finance and/or changes positions depending on the polls?  I don’t think so.  My plan includes all the items we agree on as Conservatives and that I’ve fought for 9 years for:

  1. I will kill the carbon tax
  2. I will roll back the personal and corporate tax hikes to pre-NDP government levels.
  3. I will repeal Bill 6 that farmers so ardently oppose.
  4. I will balance the budget by 2021
  5. I will pass recall legislation to prevent MLA’s from going against their constituents clear wishes


A greater use of natural gas in the Alberta economy which I announced today.  Using the tax carrot this will create a demand pull that creates jobs from the field to the office towers that capitalizes on our abundant resources while reducing our emissions as a Province.  This means more use of natural gas in the transportation, electricity generation, and petrochemical sectors.  This is a win-win-win strategy versus subjecting ourselves to judgement of other Provinces and the Liberal government led by Prime Minister Trudeau.   

Take control of our economic destiny.  This includes securing a transportation corridor to tidewater, owned by the Government of Alberta, (and therefore the people of Alberta), that can act as an export option for farmers, manufactured goods, forestry, and oil.  This is integral to maximizing the economic output of this Province and will eliminate Alberta’s dependence on other Provinces who hold Alberta for ransom. 

Reversing the flow of capital out of Alberta back into Alberta.  I’ve got an investment structure, regardless of industry, (tech, agriculture, energy, forestry, manufacturing, etc), that will attract capital back into Alberta to be invested in capital and research and development.