Meet Jeff Callaway

If you’ve a Wildroser, you’ve probably met Jeff more times than you can count. If you’re a former PC (Jeff is too!), Jeff is eager to meet you and reconnect!

Jeff was raised a conservative from the time he grew up on a dairy farm, hearing about the virtues of the EEE senate on Burt Brown’s floor. He followed it up by joining the Reform Club during his time in university, sitting on the Calgary Varsity PC, and numerous Conservative Party of Canada Boards.

Jeff was a member of the Wildrose from it’s first day–January 19, 2008, and served as its first elected President. With a handful of members and a nonexistent budget, Jeff doubled down, serving as VP Finance and ultimately returning as Wildrose President. His tenure saw the party transform from a pipe dream to a freight train, surging ahead against all odds to become the Official Opposition.

If the media was convinced the Wildrose was an impossible dream when it began, they were even more convinced that the dream was dead with the floor crossings of 2014. But Jeff fought tooth and nail to hold the party together: returning to serve as President, drafting policy, fundraising, and making the case for Wildrose values across the province. He was driven by the belief that grassroots–not any one leader–are the real core of any party worth fighting for. And he was proven right–the party rebounded, overcoming all odds to merge with the PCs as a strong, principled and equal partner.

Jeff is committed to a vision of the United Conservative Party that proudly stands behind its principles and its grassroots, through thick and thin. It’s the leadership Alberta deserves, and it’s time has come.