Jeff Callaway

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Meet Jeff

Growing up on a dairy farm just north of Calgary, Jeff was raised on strong conservative values learning the virtues of the Triple-E senate on Burt Brown’s floor.  He made his official debut into politics in university by joining the Reform Party – since then he’s served on the Constituency Boards of the Provincial PC and federal Reform, United Alternative, and Conservative Party of Canada.

In 2008, Jeff became a founding member of the Wildrose Party serving as the Party’s first elected President. With a handful of members and no budget, Jeff’s leadership saw the party transform from a pipe dream to a freight train surging ahead against all odds to become the Official Opposition. When the 2014 floor crossings threatened to tear the Party apart, Jeff fought tooth and nail to keep it together – giving up his position as Vice President of Fundraising, he stepped back in as President.

Those who were convinced the Wildrose was an impossible feat when it began, were sure it was dead after the floor crossings. But where others saw destruction and devastation, Jeff saw hope – confident that the grassroots members could revive the Party that was once seen as only a dream. As the story goes, Jeff was right to hold onto hope – the party rebounded, overcoming all odds to merge with the PCs as a strong, principled and equal partner.

Jeff is committed to a vision of the United Conservative Party that proudly stands behind its principles and its grassroots, through thick and thin. This is the leadership Alberta deserves, and its time has come.



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